BEING HUMAN “Some Thing To Watch Over Me” Review

BEING HUMAN "Some Thing To Watch Over Me" Episode 3 – It is impossible to live forever perfectly, someone always remembers. That’s the thought of the week on this week’s BEING HUMAN. Aidan is mulling it over as he heads home for a party at the apartment. He and his friends are getting to know the neighbors, hosting a "take back the night party" for the local neighborhood watch and even take the chance to find a new friend for Sally. And all would be well, except….

Yeah, you know it was there, that "except". And he was right there, sitting at their party, that big huge "except". The next day Bishop shows up at the hospital asking about "something" who just happens to be the guy from the party, well, things get interesting.

In fact things are pretty interesting for everyone. Sally’s new ghost friend, Tony, is teaching her how to move around the house with the hope of maybe escaping to the outside. Josh is part of the neighborhood watch and well, that guy at the party? Turns out he and Aidan have a bit of a history. Aidan might have eaten his father in front of him, and he’s a little insane about the whole thing. Read More...


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