Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 2 - Alone Again, Naturally

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 2 - Alone Again, Naturally

After she realizes that telling the truth will mean a prison sentence and never seeing her children again, Faith reluctantly agrees to go along with Maritza's cover story that she shot Mann as he was trying to stab Maritza; Yoshi slips out of the cuffs and into the wind; Sasha and Ty hook up; Maritza gets a tough new boss who's been charged with keeping her on a very short leash to curb her renegade ways; Faith goes ballistic when Fred has her served her with divorce papers at the station house; Swersky shuffles the partnerships, and assigns Faith to ride with Sully and Sasha to ride with Ty; Maritza gets an anonymous call that there's an I.A.B. plant in the house who's after her, and she immediately suspects that it's her new boss; Faith decides to turn down the promotion to detective that she's offered for saving Maritza's life until Sully reminds her that the new assignment will improve her chances of getting custody of her children; Bosco's surgeon gives Faith a devastating prognosis about his recovery; after Ty refuses to listen to Sasha about how they should handle a car stop and the situation goes south, Sasha refuses to back up Ty's decision to make things right by falsifying the paperwork; the I.A.B. captain in charge of the Mann investigation doubts that Faith and Maritza are telling the truth about what really transpired, and has an after-hours meeting with his plant, who isn't Maritza's new boss after all.

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