Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 3 - Last Will and Testament

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 3 - Last Will and Testament

Finney continues to press an increasingly reluctant Sasha for information on Faith; Carlos gets nowhere trying to put the moves on Grace; Ty gets promoted to a Field Training Officer and is forced to contend with Brendan, an impulsive and hotheaded new police officer who also happens to be Finney's son; after Faith is unsuccessful in getting any of her family members to attend her promotion ceremony, a wired Sasha takes her out for a drink afterward and tries to engage her in conversation about Mann's death; after complaining of boredom, Brendan is forced to watch in horror as a woman is broadsided by two different cars in a terrible car accident; Carlos is spooked after he suffers a series of minor mishaps in the wake of an irate fortune teller's putting a curse on him, and Grace has a little fun with him when she takes full advantage of the situation; Sully tells everyone who'll listen that Finney is a corrupt cop, and that his son doesn't belong in their squad; Holly does a ritual to remove Carlos's curse and seals it with a passionate kiss; Brendan is shaken when the dying woman in the car crash asks him to transcribe her will and pass on her final messages of love and support to her husband and young child; Miller comes to an appreciation of Cruz's professional talents and knowledge of the precinct when she closes the case of a woman accidentally wounded during a drug related shootout.

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