Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 11 - Forever Blue

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 11 - Forever Blue

In order to get enough evidence to convict C.T. Finney for the death of Ty Davis, Sr., Sully reluctantly works with Monroe, since they both want to help Ty and bring his father's murderer, C.T. Finney, to justice. Monroe looks up more of Sully's old anti-crime unit from back in the day, and they travel all over the place gathering up these sad old men to testify against Finney. They bring all the men to the DA's office, along with Ty, who is blown away. The DA brings Finney in and shows him that everyone is prepared to testify against him, and that he should turn himself in. Monroe hopes this will help patch things up with Ty, but Ty says he's grateful, but still doesn't really want to talk to her. Ty goes and finds Brendan Finney to tell him about what's going on with his dad.

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