Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 12 - The L Word

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 12 - The L Word

Brendan helps out a young scared kid who sprains his wrist while in the playground with his baby sitter. C.T. Finney, instead of turning himself in, calls Brendan to tell him that he loves him, and committs suicide in his running car in the garage. Brendan and Ty find him, and Ty helps Brendan make it look like an accident to make sure his mother can still get her husband's pension. Carlos can't tell Holly that he loves her when she tells him that she loves him, but when Holly is peripherally involved in an explosion at a coffee shop, Carlos realizes how much he really cares for her. Cruz investigates one of the men injured at the exploding coffee shop, and finds out that he has stolen someone else's identity. Cruz unwillingly works with a federal investigator, Rice, who is on a terrorism task force, when it turns out that the guy she is investigating is a terrorist. Cruz and Rice capture another related terrorist, and realize while they're trying to interrogate him that he is suffering from severe radiation burns. Faith visits a slowly recovering Bosco in the hospital.

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