Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 13 - The Other L Word

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 13 - The Other L Word

Grace and Carlos respond to the call for paramedics to the 55th precinct police station, and they realize that the terrorist still has the radiation source on him, taped around his mid-section. The precinct house is temporarily evactuated, and Cruz, Rice, Carlos and Grace all go to the hospital to get checked out, along with the terrorist who dies en route. Their tests all come out okay, but Dr. Fields finds out that there is something else very wrong with Cruz that she's not dealing with. Cruz finds the terrorist's car and uses it to track down the guy behind the plan, who she takes down just after Rice is shot in the leg. Brendan attends his father's wake with his family. Ty stops by, as does Grace, who offers Brendan some unique comfort during this difficult time. Sully enrages Ty when he scoffs at the whole story of C.T. dying while working on his car right before he was supposed to turn himself in. Through a misunderstanding, Carlos drives Holly even further away, and when he goes to her apartment to apologize, all he finds is a note saying that she's gone home. Faith and her daughter have a mellow night at home together. Bosco is released from the hospital and is greeted with honor by most of his precinct outside the hospital doors.

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