Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 17 - Kingpin Rising

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 17 - Kingpin Rising

While the cops are identifying the remains of the four gangleaders that Hollis blew up, Hollis rallies the rest of the gangleaders together into a kind of board of directors, promising them that their "soldiers" will far out-number the cops. Cruz immediately knows to go after Hollis, but is surprised when he comes to her. He tells her that things are going well, that there's no war in the wake of Maddox's death. She wants to get him for the four murders, but he has a perfect alibi. When Cruz hears that the young boy who killed Maddox, Michael, is being charged as an adult, she goes to talk to his mother, Deborah Dawkins. Deborah admits to Cruz that Hollis gave Michael the gun he used to kill Maddox, and Cruz arrests Hollis. Hollis warns Cruz that she's making a mistake, that innocent people will die if he's locked up. Cruz is horrified when, late that night, there is a drive-by shooting at a bus stop and six people are killed, including a nine-year-old girl. Bosco is back on the force and paired with Sully. Bosco is a little defensive about his recovery, and Sully is a little defensive when Bosco starts talking about Sasha, but otherwise, they get along okay, and Sully actually ends up telling Bosco how much he admires that Bosco never lets the system get him down. Bosco and Sully discover a woman lying in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor, and find out that her vampire-loving 15-year-old daughter is missing. Faith gets the case, and works it with Bosco and Sully, visiting the vampire club downtown where the daughter hangs out. Faith pisses off the head vampire there, Dante, hoping he'll lead her to the daughter. Faith finally finds the daughter at a friend's house, where the girl admits to trying to kill her own mother. Meanwhile, the pissed-off head vampire, Dante, decides to approach Emily Yokas, Faith's daughter, and pretends that he met her at a friend's party. Sully worries that Ty is starting to date someone else and still hasn't talked to Sasha. Holly comes back to work earlier than expected because she realizes that Carlos is no fun to be around when he's sick.

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