Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 18 - Too Little, Too Late

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 18 - Too Little, Too Late

Ty and Brendan pick up one of two robbers, and Cruz sends them undercover as construction workers to get the second. Ty goes to a hot dog truck to get Brendan and himself some lunch, and ends up getting a little something extra from the sexy woman who runs the hot dog truck. Brendan later notices that the woman is running a prostitution racket out of her truck, and Ty is horrified. Brendan and and Ty chase down the second robber, and Brendan tells Cruz about the hot dog lady. Ty shushes him, but it's too late, and Cruz arrests the hot dog lady, who not only knows Ty, but a lot of other guys on the job. Bosco is so desperate to be back on the streets that he volunteers to partner up with Sasha. While he doesn't approve of what she did with IAB, he doesn't necessarily hold it against her either. Sasha finally decides to be excited about her pregnancy, but hasn't quite yet told her sergeant or her coworkers. While Sasha and Bosco are dealing with a disturbed woman who can't get her welfare check and has decided to hold the welfare office manager at gunpoint, Sasha gets into a struggle with the woman and Bosco accidentally shoots his partner. Sasha goes into surgery and loses the baby, although she'll be okay. Sasha's sister thinks Sasha was shot on purpose, but Sasha knows that's not true. Ty finds out that he just lost a baby he didn't even know he had, and goes to Sasha's bed side. Faith tells Bosco she's worried about him being on the streets, but Bosco doesn't want to talk to her about it. Cruz realizes her illness isn't just going to go away on its own when her gums start spontaneously bleeding at work. She sees her doctor, who tells her that her only recourse at this point is chemo, because her immune system is shutting down. Manny notices Cruz's pamphlet on chemo, and tells her she's not as alone as she thinks she is. Faith realizes Emily is lying to her and dating a guy named David.

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