Recap Third Watch: Season 6, Episode 22 - Goodbye to Camelot

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 22 - Goodbye to CamelotThe episode starts off with a grenade explosion in the locker room where Faith is at. After the explosion, bullets start flying at the 55th Prescient, the gangbangers are trying to free Marcel Hollis. The firefighters hear the noise and saw the police station on fire and saw some of the cars on fire. They start getting everyone ready to go. Ty, Monroe, Faith, Bosco, and Sully try to go out the front where they are ambushed and forced to got back inside. Faith and Emily go out the back to find out that it is clear. It's then Marcel Hollis tells Monroe that Cruz is stuck, as Monroe goes to help Cruz, Marcel disappears. which is when Ty, Bosco, and Sully talk to Swarsky, he tells them to go out back and wait for help, Bosco Replies "come on, you gonna let them just shoot up the prescient like that", Swarsky agrees to let them clear the front, when they get out there, and see it is clear, which is when they notice two yellow H2's driving away, which is when Carlos comes up behind them, startling them so they point there weapons at him (funny part, he almost craps his pants). Cruz and Monroe realize they need help to get Cruz out, which is when Swarsky meets up with the fire guys and tells them he's the last one out, and that the roof in anti-crime is about to go. As Monroe heads towards the stairs to go get help, the roof clasps. After Ty, Bosco, and Sully get around back, Ty asks Swarsky where Monroe is. Monroe gets back up and sees the roof clasped and blocked the stairs, which is when she heads to the window, she breaks the window and the fire guys break the bars with the ladder and rescues Cruz and Monroe.After the fire is out, Carlos is talking to Holly who is frustrated at what Faith said, which is when Carlos says "damit Holly will you marry me" (when you can hear some kind of metal hitting the ground and see Davis and Monroe looking at Carlos who is facing them (Davis is telling Carlos to get on his knee). Holly says yes to Carlos. In the meantime, Cruz tells Swarsky that it was Marcel Hollis who did it, he gets mad at her and says to wait for an investigation, she agrees, when Bosco does not. She walks away and Bosco follows, she tells him to come with her, they go to her house and she finds a box with lots of illegal weapons in it, including two grenades that she puts in her pockets without Bosco seeing. They leave to a spot where they find Marcel Hollis in an Auto Shop, where his gangbangers are staying guard. She gives Bosco her firearm and says call for backup when the time is right, Bosco asks her when will he know, she says he will know. Cruz gets permission to see Marcel and she asks him why he saved her back at the 55. He states they are alike, that she's a warrior, like him. She then asks him one last time to be come with her, that he is under arrest, he laughs, so does his right hand man. Which is when she pulls the pins to the grenades in her pockets and show them to Marcel, both of them stop laughing. Outside, Bosco see the explosion of the building, it fades out. In the meantime, Carlos goes and see's Doc in the mental hospital. He tells him how much he misses him and say how much he wants him at his wedding. Swarsky meets up with Bosco, Sully, Davis, Monroe, Faith, and Finney. He gives them there new assignments. Bosco = Bed sty (do or die in bed sty)Faith = Major CrimesSully = RetiresMonroe = SoHoDavis = Anti-CrimeFinney = Anti-CrimeSwarsky then says"you are all good cops, each and everyone of you""the 55 is dismissed"they hug, shake hands, and say there last goodbyes, Davis and Sully cry and say how much they love each other.It ends with Sully Narrating"the 55 closed that day, the one I knew anyway, it's being rebuilt ten blocks away, the thing is, the new prescient won't be at the corner of king and Arthur, so there won't be any Camelot, the idea of Camelot, Place where heroes gather before going out to battle evil, that'll still be alive, in whatever building becomes the 55, it lives in every police station and firehouse in the city, hell in the country, in the world for that matter""Bob Swarsky retired as Deputy Chief, he spends his days playing with his 12 grandkids, being our boss prepared him for that pretty well""DK took over the Squad when Walsh got Battalion Chief""Carlos and Holly got married, today they got three kids and a big house on Stanton Island, Ty says Carlos is a good father, he finally found the family he always wanted""Ty and Sasha are still seeing each other, they say there going to get married once there careers slow down, but, I think it's going to be a while, He's and Anti-Crime Lieutenant in charge of half of Manhattan, and Sasha's running for City Council, according to the paper I get up here, she's leading in the polls""Brendan is Lut. Davis's Sergeant, on the anti-crime task force, they make a pretty good team, there group has the most arrests in the city""Grace put three more years on the street, she became in instructor for the ems, she couldn't work on the street anymore, being pregnant and all, in the end her mother was right, she became a teacher, she and Brendan are celebrating there first anniversary next week""When Faith called in a major crime, she got a surprise. Her boss, besides leading the dept. in homicide clearances, she never lost her passion for a case that involved a kid, she and Capt. Miller are thinking about moving in together, after Emily graduates from college that is""Maritza Cruz was awarded the medal of honor""Bosco, hell Bosco's doing the same thing he's always done, bawls out every day, every job, kicken ass, takin names and being the Police"

"Me, I found my own little peace of heaven, small cabin 108 feet from a lake, nothing but peace and quiet, all I do battle with is the occasional northern, but I consider myself lucky to be a part of that brotherhood, even for a little while."

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