Hellcats 1.13 "Worried Baby Blues" Review

It seems like every week on Hellcats is another opportunity for a party or a fundraiser. This week, they're throwing a party to launch their Hellcats calendar. Best of both worlds! Leave it to Alice to be in a threadbare bikini and turn her nose up at Marti's choice of a supreme court justice outfit. If anyone can pull off a sexy supreme court justice, it's our Marti! Mission accomplished, and even Alice had to admit it was "kinda" sexy.

I was going to propose that all of these parties and charity events leave little time for actual college work, but then Marti was back to work on the wrongfully imprisoned Travis case involving the local furniture salesman and possibly even Bill Marsh. I don't think any amount of fiddling in Lancer supporters is going to bring happiness to the Hellcats, so I hoped the result of poking their heads into the case didn't make them an even larger target for Marsh. I fear it may be too late to stop that truck from rolling. Read More...



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