Parenthood 2.14 "A House Divided" Review

Parenthood returned from a one week hiatus with a largely Haddie-centric episode that was a definite creative rebound over its last original episode. At the conclusion of said episode, we saw that the young Braverman was changing her residence in rebellion against her parents, a move that I found a little stale after a pretty intriguing series of episodes that built up the relationship. Much to my delight, "A House Divided" was anything but stale.

One of the most notable things about this episode, the 14th installment of the season, is that it highlights several characters’ worst attributes as well as their best without resorting to the cacophonous conversation style that the show can sometimes slip into. For example, Sarah again shows an unbecoming selfish side when she asks Adam and Cory for a raise not long after they had to fire a quarter of the work force. I don’t think Sarah’s an awful person, as you know she has the best intentions, but it’s a side that pops up now and then. The fact that Cory kind of released her back into the unemployment wild was a wonderful thing for Sarah in the long run; she’s the freest of free spirits, so locking her up in the corporate world was never going to pan out anyway. It’s better to send her back to the bar and follow her search for happiness and that illusive "dream" career rather than try to fit that square peg into the round business circle. Read More...


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