WHITE COLLAR “What Happens in Burma” Review

WHITE COLLAR "What Happens in Burma" Season 2 Episode 12 – I have so much love for this episode and how it managed to fit in all kinds of father issues within a case about a kid accused of stealing a priceless ruby. Along the way we got to learn a lot about everyone’s fathers, from Diana’s dad being a diplomat, to Peter’s dad being a bricklayer. But the best part was everything that came up about Neal’s father.

First up, Mozzie referring to Neal’s relationship with Peter as "patriarchal" was classic and oh so true. Leave it to Mozzie to nail it like that. I loved the fact that Peter never let the subject drop, and kept after Neal until he finally got him to admit the truth. The fact that Neal did eventually open up completely just proves how close they are and how much Neal trusts Peter. I doubt that he’s given that info to too many people in his life, other than Mozzie of course. And, as lightly as he did it, I think that Peter made Neal tell him the truth because he knew it would help him to get it off of his chest. Read More...



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