V “Unholy Alliance” Review

V "Unholy Alliance Season 2 Episode 4 – I was really interested in the direction that V took this week. I’m a big fan of series that mix science fiction with religion (or anything that mixes different religions for that matter), and was pretty pleased with the way this was presented in "Unholy Alliance".

I must say that I missed the first five minutes of V – my city is currently under a blizzard warning, and the local news decided to tell us more about the weather situation and cut off the beginning of V. I wasn’t thrilled. So, I’m filling in a lot of the blanks, and if I fill them in wrong, let me know!

Basically, Anna is ticked of because three of her Peace Ambassadors were killed by the Fifth Column. She decides to meet with the Cardinal in the Vatican City in an attempt to wrangle support of the Visitors from the Catholic Church. She has ulterior motives (of course), and wants the Cardinal to issue a "no tollerance" policy against clergy that speak out against the Visitors. After threatening remarks, the Cardinal agrees, and now the Catholic church endorses the Visitors. Read More...



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