The Good Wife 2.12 "Silly Season" Review = Cary Centric Excitement

I cannot lie. Matt Czuchry has grown up into a hell of an actor and a damned sexy one, as well. I adore cases when he is featured and "Silly Season" is just delightful in that regard. Because he is the only ADA assigned to Lockhart Gardner cases, Cary was front and center for most of the episode. Goody for us fans!

Peter's campaign is also right in the middle of the episode and it's times like this I wish that The Good Wife was named anything other than what it is. As long as this show is on the air, Peter can't go anywhere other than prison or Alicia would not be the good wife. Why is the campaign so important this week? Because "the N Word" is not only part of the case, but part of the campaign. Peter's in the middle of a nasty campaign strategy wherein he brings race into his opponent's (Wendy Scott-Carr) platform. The opponents have been using their children to great ends, and it's kind of sickening. Thankfully, I've seen little of this in real life, so there is at least a bit of decorum left in thinking this is strictly fictional. Read More...


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