PARENTHOOD “A House Divided” Review

PARENTHOOD "A House Divided" Season 2 Episode 14 – What starts out as a tense, awkward bachelorette party for Jasmine takes a turn when the boys crash it in the "A House Divided" episode of PARENTHOOD. Meanwhile, Zeek takes Max camping without reading the instruction manual and Haddie and Kristina dig into their positions.

Parenthood‘s handling of the Kristina-Adam-Haddie situation continues to be almost uncomfortably real (in a good, if anxiety-inducing way) with the tension affecting everyone. Zeek’s grimace when he sees Adam and Kristina standing so stiffly in the doorway says it all, as does Camille’s body language throughout the episode. I do not envy her being stuck so firmly in the middle of this one, that’s for sure, and I admire her ability to walk the line of supporting Kristina while still offering her opinion. I admire it, but if I were her daughter-in-law, I would probably have the same reaction as Kristina. Read More...


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