'The Biggest Loser': Q doesn't stand for quitter


In "The Biggest Loser: Couples" on Wednesday (Feb. 2) we learned that Q doesn't stand for "quitter," though we had our doubts. We can't say the same for Don, though.In an early weigh-in, Don had a lot to prove after his twin brother went home in the last episode after they both gained nine pounds. Coming out of that, Don vowed they didn't sabotage themselves on purpose. Well, we tried to believe him until this week. He stepped on to the scale and once gain he had gained weight - this time with Irene as his partner. The pair had gained six pounds each and Irene fesses up quickly that they did it on purpose.Don didn't want to stay and the Bo-Jilly team orchestrated the plan, so that he would be able to leave. That's fine, Don, get your emo behind out of here. But, we don't believe you anymore. Not only did you and...



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