'White Collar' 2.12 'What Happens In Burma' Recap And Review

I've had my eye on this episode of White Collar for a little while; not for any particular reason, but because I thought I'd be the first indicator of how good season 2.5 really will be. The writers had plenty of time to cook up a good midseason premiere, and could use the framework of the show so far to set up the flashback episode, but there are no such advantages this week. White Collar doesn't miss a step, however, just as lively as ever.

Neal and Peter are visiting the UN, talking about their international travel histories (Neal: "I tried to get you to go to France." Peter: "No, you fled to France.") while waiting to meet with someone from the State Department. His name is Adam Wilson, he's the Undersecretary for Asian Affairs, and he wants to bring them the case of Christopher Harlow, an American student currently in prison in Burma, accused of gem smuggling. Oh, and he's played by Cotter Smith, who's always going to be the rogue spy from ABC's Spy Game to me. Wilson's heard that the real smuggler has the Mandalay Ruby somewhere in Manhattan, and wants our boys' help to find the real culprit and get it back. Read More...



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