'The Game' 2.04 'It Was All Good Just A Week Ago' Recap And Review

The title of this week's The Game is fitting: last week, everything was at least salvageable, until Malik had to go and get himself arrested. Apparently, he didn't pay attention to those anti-drunk driving PSA's. Or get the memo about not picking fights with cops. As a result, he got to go directly to jail. I've watched a lot of episodes of Jail, and that is not someplace I ever want to visit.

Tasha is quite unhappy that her son has been arrested. Derwin doesn't look too surprised. Even Jason knows this is a Big Deal, and walks out on his date (although he leaves her with the check, because this is Jason we're talking about). Yet Malik is unbothered, and so is the Sabers' new owner, who says they have all the right people holding Sabers season tickets. "All you have to do is keep quiet," he tells him, but before the sentence leaves his mouth, Malik is tweeting about his freedom. The whole scene is a perfect example of how athletes' egos (or for that matter, egos of the rich and famous in general) go unchecked because the people around them are more concerned with themselves and their bottom line than someone's responsibilities and welfare. It pains me to say it, as I'm as big a sports fan as anyone, but scenes like that happen more often than we think. (And the Tweeting aspect is pretty funny considering the recent Twitter argument between Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck and Jets CB Antonio Cromartie, who isn't exactly an upstanding citizen himself, but I digress.) Read More...



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