Hellcats Review: "Worried Baby Blues"

After seeing the previews for "Worried Baby Blues," I was sure this was going to be a super fun episode. Instead, a more serious tone was taken between the pregnancy and Travis’ case.

I had been looking forward to this awesome calendar shoot, yet somehow it was over in the first few minutes of the show. This definitely could have been more enjoyable and I wish it had carried on longer. Everyone looked great, especially Lewis in his Santa suit.

A lot of the secondary characters were back, bringing storylines with them... well, mostly. Jake returned with his involvement in Travis’ case; Red made moves on Vanessa; and Derrick was just... there. I do have to admit that the kiss between Red and Vanessa was hot. They have much more chemistry than she possesses with Derrick.
There was a lot of focus on Charlotte’s pregnancy, with Savannah giving the news to her mom. I'm interested to see how this situation plays out, but I hope that doesn't mean too much time spent with their parents. Read More...



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