90210 3.13 "It's Getting Hot In Here" Review

The third season of 90210 has been on it's A-game all season, but while last night's episode kept up the pace in quality, there were some uneven sections throughout the hour.

Cousin Emily. That Bitch.

Cousin Emily (aka Kelly Taylor-lite) made it known that she will be the person who we will want to strangle on a weekly basis till the end of the season. The girl clearly has a divide and conquer plan involving Annie's friends and possibly Annie's life, but for what? Did Annie and Dixon give the girl hell back in Kansas for being so chipper? Or has she always had it in for her far more popular cousin?

Granted that Emily kind of had a motive to backstab Annie for being such a bitch to her back at the Wilsons' (Emily had overheard Annie's rant about her before the spa trip). With that said, she crossed the line when she blatantly lied to Naomi and Adrianna in the sauna about Annie trash talking them. This is where the first form of discontent materialized for me, because Ade and Naomi should of known to question Emily's "choice of words," given how much Annie has been there for them. Thankfully, Silver wasn't there, which hopefully means she will be the one to see right through Emily's childish ruse... and proceed to kick her ass. Read More...



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