Ice Cube Starts a Snowball Fight with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Ice Cube admitted to never having made a snowball (?!) when he visited 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC). "It's like making a giant meatball," advised Jimmy Fallon. The rapper replied, "I didn't make no meatballs either, but I'll try."

"Isn't 'Cube' Italian?" joked the host. Each armed with a bucket of snow, they proceeded to make and throw snowballs at targets. The smaller the target, the more points rewarded, and whoever earned the most points in under a minute won the game. Though a snowball novice, Ice Cube had better aim. He was up by four points (with 30 seconds left) when he turned to Fallon and pummeled him with snow. Fight!


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