The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One Reunion Pt. 2 Review

Five seconds into the second part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, I was officially over the Camille vs. Kyle debacle. Yes, I know I said I would hold all judgement till after watching the second installment of the reunion, but literally as the show began last night I got a headache as soon as Andy Cohen continued talking about the feud. We all know that Camille is pretty hard to root for when it comes to this issue, so excuse me for begging for them to just drop it and move on to the other stuff at hand. For example, the fact that Cedric is an ungrateful bastard.

But first, let's discuss the reason why we got an extra 15 minutes on this edition rather than last week. The extra chunk in time was mostly devoted to the craziness that was the "Dinner Party From Hell" episode and the revolting behavior of Allison DuBois. Everyone knows that Allison was so wrong in that episode that there is no way she could be right in the public's eyes again, so what else could've come out of this conversation than what we already knew? Nothing really. The audience knew Lisa was pissed about the whole ordeal, the audience knew Kyle prodded the bull by demanding  reading and got a horn in her ass for doing so, and the audience concluded that Camille knew what the hell she was doing despite claims of not being aware of the possible catastrophic consequences of her actions. Read More...


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