'Parenthood' - 'A House Divided': Edible complex

Peter Krause can be very funny. 

That doesn't seem obvious, at first. Though he's been a regular on two half-hour comedies ("Cybill" and "Sports Night"), as well as on dramas like this one that have prominent comedic sides ("Six FEet Under," "Dirty Sexy Money"), he's never been the go-to comedy guy in any of those casts. His job is usually to play straight man to his co-stars, and/or to provide some kind of moral center while everyone else is being wacky. 

But the man can be funny, and "Parenthood" has done a better job of showcasing his silly side than a lot of his previous gigs. I think back to Adam rocking out to Run-DMC last season and I still smile. And he almost single-handedly redeemed "A House Divided" - an episode I otherwise grew frustrated with early and often - with his accidental stoner routine. 

What bothered me about the episode wasn't so much the execution (other than the ongoing presence of Cory, who continues to be a 20something caricature) as the very nature of it, in which most of the stories revolved around Bravermans (or, in Kristina's case, Braverman-in-laws) being incredibly stubborn and refusing to listen to the sane counsel of their loved ones. I recognize that this is fairly typical behavior in any family, but that's sort of the problem: I've had enough arguments with head-in-the-sand family members over the years that it just irritated me to have to sit there and watch Zeek, Kristina(*) and Julia act that way for most of the hour. Read More...



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