The Game 4.04 "It Was Only A Week Ago" Review

For the past four episodes of The Game, we have wondered what the hell happened to Malik Wright in the two year absence before this season. While last night finally answered that question, it still left us wondering how did Malik get to the state that he's in now.

The Fall of Malik Wright

We knew Malik's arrest wasn't going to go well or be swept up under a rug to be dealt with later. What we didn't know was this pseudo-conspiracy that's forming behind his back to get rid of him, which makes us (mostly me) wonder if the arrest was actually even a coincidence after all. Now there is two ways to take this so-called conspiracy, since it's something I'm not completely sold on just yet. Number one, Malik clearly has a problem and that problem is alchohol, which brings me back to my original question of what brought this on? Access to excess? An undisclosed event that took place in the two year gap? Read More...


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