Review: 'Sanctum' Tests Sanity, Strength, Stamina And Will

I think with the name James Cameron attached to this project clearly branded ‘SACTUM’ to be one of the year’s most anticipated films. UNIVERSAL started airing their trailers back in the fall, and I think cleverly done seeing as they presented tidbits of the film (obviously, because it’s a trailer) followed by a ‘Based on true events’ mention. Once one sees that the film’s based on actual events, I know it entices ones’ interest and immediately research starts. Caves, Divers, Darkness, Panic-stricken segments and comments like "I’ll see you on the other side" by one of the actors doesn’t leave quite a pleasing swirl within your system. It opens you up to uncontrolled thoughts of placing yourself in particular situations, and makes you wonder about those who actually risk their lives for simultaneous purposes of thrill-seeking and education.

After his a$$-kicking success with ‘AVATAR’ (2009), Cameron has proceeded to create his miracle touch as Executive Producer along with Director Alister Grierson, and piecing a unique film linking darkness and water to a degree of mind-twisting intensity. Read More...


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