Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - "Missio" Review

While I enjoyed "Past Transgressions", "Missio" presents us with a Batiatus who has been bruised, beaten and ready to bounce back. The Batiatus we loved to hate in Blood and Sand is born and his scheme to get revenge and steal an opportunity right out from under his competitors is devilishly planned out and executed. Batiatus was quite literally a man on a mission. Not floundering in the wake of his beating at the hands of Tullius, Batiatus hatches a complex scheme to get his revenge whilst also placing his own gladiators in good standing. It's a lot of fun watching Batiatus play out his Mission: Impossible style scheme. There are a lot of times when his plan is on the brink of disaster thanks to Gaia's own interests and I was right there with Baitatus, hoping she wouldn't screw it all up. Batiatus ranks with the likes of J.R. Ewing, Ben Linus and Gaius Baltar as devious bastards I like to see win. In the end, things go Batiatus' way and I couldn't be happier. Read More...


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