Cougar Town Review: "Cry to Me"

Being one of my favorite holidays, Valentine's Day, brought in all sorts of laughs on tonight's episode, "Cry to Me."

All Jules wanted for Christmas Valentine's Day was to have Grayson open up his feelings about his father passing away. Am I the only one finding Jules more and more annoying these days?

Don't get me wrong. I loved the episode and the rest of the crew (sans Trav) really are pretty freaking hilarious. But on tonight's episode, Jules really bothered me.

Why pick and pick at the man you love? It was pretty clear how hard it was for Grayson to say, "I love you", let alone open up about his father passing on the anniversary of his death. If Jules really thought of anyone but herself, she would have realized how hard this was for Grayson. Read More...


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