Matthew Perry Remembers Jon Stewart Asking Him to Set Up a Date With Jennifer Aniston (VIDEO)

On 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) Matthew Perry and Jon Stewart reminisced about how they met, 15 years earlier, when Perry was a guest on a talk show Stewart was doing for Paramount.

"I remember way back when, you asked me if I could potentially set you up with Jennifer Aniston," Perry brought up.

"Yes," Stewart said, laughing.

"Which I thought it was funny because I couldn't even get a date with Jennifer Aniston."

"Here's the sad thing, every guest we had on I asked that question to," Stewart kidded. "If we had a guy on with condors, I was like 'do you know Jennifer Aniston by any chance?'"

A previous episode of 'The Daily Show' revealed that Aniston and Stewart did once go on what Stewart described as a date, but what Aniston classified as more of a group outing.

So, kidding aside, Stewart was in fact working more than just the 'Friends' angle during his youthful pursuit of Aniston.


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