Top Chef Review: A Meal They Can't Refuse

It’s Fashion Week in New York, and that serves as inspiration for the Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef, with food as the art form.  

While Padma plugs her jewelry line, Isaac Mizrahi makes for a rather controversial judge, snapping his fingers at Dale, throwing in a random comparison to Charles Manson.  While it all seems like a thinly-veiled promotion for Fashion Week, at least Mizrahi makes for interesting TV, wouldn’t you agree?

Quickfire Challenge

With Mizrahi as the guest judge for this episode, the judges are instructed to create a dish with winning presentation, par for the course.  The twist?  Padma and Isaac will not be tasting it; it’s purely for aesthetics.

The judges are creative as usual, although removing the taste component of food definitely throw them off.  Tre creates an abstract piece of "dots" and slices of salmon that’s oddly pretty, but quite simple.  Dale makes a beautiful creation, but Isaac snaps his fingers at him for making something out of leftovers. Antonia’s nuts were apparently too big for her tree to please Issac and he actually compares Angelo’s writing of "Crocadile" (and yes, he spelled it incorrectly) to Charles Manson. Read More...


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