Friday Night Lights Recap: Final Countdown

If the Lions’ improbable run to state has taught us anything, it’s that pouty basketball players make the best wide receivers. But if it’s taught us two things, the second would be this: It’s not necessarily the team with the most talent that wins, it’s the team that plays the best with what it has. This resonated for us this week, the penultimate in dear old Dillon, especially in light of our uncharacteristic complaints about the previous episode’s beatification of St. Tami in downtown Philadelphia. To recap the recap: We thought it ridiculous and unnecessary: Not only was Tami patently unqualified for the job, but it also played into a larger criticism we have of the show’s need to elevate the Taylors as not just exceptional within their community but within the universe (or at least the country) as a whole. Read More...


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