'Human Target' 2.12 'The Trouble With Harry' Review

Remember this picture? That's what happened the last time that Harry graced Chance and Co. with his presence. Needless to say, his return does not inspire confidence. Just the look on Chance's face as he waits for Harry at a bar tells us this is not going to go smoothly. Yet does Harry feel the same sense of dread we do? Of course not. That's because Harry doesn't know that there's a  guy named Vaughn lurking behind both of them with a gun, and a bomb under Chance's barstool.

"It all started a few days ago with a client Winston brought in," Chance tells him, and us.

Flashback time, as Sarah (Nicole Bilderback) comes to the team telling them that her fiancee, Henry Claypool (Michael Massee) is threatening to kill her after she looked at his private files, which contain some nasty information about secret assassinations. Wow, that takes "domestic dispute" to a whole new level. Chance's plan is to link Claypool to his hit squads by getting their hands on the files in question, but that's before Winston tells him that the man lives in the Compound To End All Compounds. Read More...



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