'The Good Wife' recap: Sex, secrets, and radical politics

The Good Wife, the show that lasts one hour but crams in enough entertainment for two, had a particularly thick, juicy episode this week. From the courtroom to the bedroom, the episode called "Silly Season" addressed just about every subplot, worked in every major and minor character, the series has developed this season.

Alicia defended a prison inmate accused of murder who turned out to be a lieutenant in the drug empire of Lamont Bishop, whom we haven’t seen for a while, but he’s back and being courted as a client by Lockhart, Gardner partner Derrick Bond. The murder case was highly entertaining for a number of reasons, the first being that the judge was played by Jane Alexander, who breezily admitted from the bench that she’s often accused of being pro-defense in many cases "because I pal around with Bill Ayers and the like." (That sound you heard was CBS entertainment president Les Moonves sprouting a gray hair upon hearing that one of his prime-time dramas just favorably name-checked a former radical.) Another nice moment in the courtroom: Alicia’s opponents, Cary and Geneva, spotted Kalinda giving the defense some new info she’d dug up, and Geneva muttered, "Whenever I see that bitch, I know we’re in trouble." (That sound you heard was hoots of approval from Kalinda fans across the nation.) Read More...



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