'Justified' 2.03 'The I Of The Storm' Advance Review

A week from today, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens returns in FX's Justified - and to get you ready, I've taken a sneak peek at the third episode of season two, "The I Of The Storm." (If you've missed them, you can find my reviews of the first two episodes of the new season here and here.)

This episode further reinforces my belief that nothing good ever happens on a school bus - especially if it's a stolen bus  transporting Oxycontin. After said bus is attacked and the drugs absconded with, Raylan has not one but two sets of criminals to find, and immediately suspects Boyd Crowder. In fact, everyonesuspects Boyd, but he is not the problem. (You have to feel for the guy. The one time he doesn't do something and he still gets grief.) Both he and Raylan get major headaches once it becomes apparent who is the problem, and that the person in question is a few crayons short of a full box.  While saying any more would be spoiling, the plot does allow for Walton Goggins to take center stage after limited appearances in the first two episodes, and it goes without saying that he's pretty darn amazing. His last scene here will shock you. Remind me again why he didn't get an Emmy nomination last year? Read More...



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