Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/20/2010

Rafe tries to talk Arianna down, but it's no use. She intends to tell EJ and the world what Sami did. Later, Rafe warns Will that he's got to keep quiet. It will be their word against Arianna's and with no proof â€" there's nothing the DiMeras can do. Meanwhile, Arianna meets with Sami, who wants Arianna to reconsider blabbing the truth. Attempting to reach out to her, Sami decides to tell Arianna what happened the night she shot EJ. She explains it was a moment of passion and barely even remembers throwing the gun off the pier. In the end, Sami begs her not to turn her in. However, Arianna reveals she's going to do exactly that â€" she secretly videotaped Sami's entire confession! 

EJ hopes Arianna comes through for him. He's angered when Bo arrests him for breaking Sami's court order. EJ bluntly tells Bo that either Sami or Will shot him. Bo says if that's the case, where is the proof? 

Victor uncovers Brady and Nicole's secret and instead of saving Vivian, he decides to leave her in the sarcophagus. Late, Brady is visited by his mother Isabella, who makes him realize he's done a terrible thing.

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