Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/21/2010

Stephanie hopes for the best when Kayla sets out to talk to Sister Anne about the changed paternity results. However, while speaking with Ian, Stephanie fears that maybe the results really were switched on purpose...

Sami and Arianna fight over the recording Arianna has made. Kayla drops in and interrupts their brawl. Arianna runs off with the video, and Sami loses her. Sami finds Rafe and tells him what happened. At the same time, EJ insists to Bo that Sami or Will shot him. Bo tells him he better not pursue justice on his own or he'll find himself in jail. EJ's lawyer bails him out, and Bo has no choice but to release EJ. Kayla enters and tells Bo she just broke up a fight between Sami and Arianna. While Rafe, Will, and EJ attempt to call Arianna, she only returns EJ's call. She tells him to meet her at the Brady Pub. Later, Bo shows up at Rafe's and before he can ask what happened between Sami and Arianna, he's called away. In their effort to track down Arianna, Rafe and Sami get a hold of Gabi, who reports that Arianna's at the Pub. However, Will stumbles upon Arianna first, and confronts her about keeping quiet. A guilty Arianna runs away from Will and into the street. Will and an arriving EJ are horrified to witness Arianna get hit by a car!

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