Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/25/2010

At the hospital, Arianna starts to tell EJ she has proof of who shot him when Rafe enters. Before Arianna can reveal the truth, she codes. While Ben works over her, EJ and Rafe get into a fight. Lexie breaks it up. Later, Ben tells Rafe that Arianna's condition has worsened. If there's any family in town, they need to be at the hospital, as well as a priest.

Will tries to gain possession of Arianna's purse so he may find the camera containing Sami's recorded confession. However, Gabi ends up with the purse. When she leaves for a moment, Will goes through Arianna's purse, but cannot find the camera.

Per Victor's request, Nicole arrives at Maggie's. While talking to Victor on the phone, Nicole is caught by Maggie, who insists she tell her what's going on. Reluctant, Nicole admits Victor sent her, in the hopes of persuading Maggie to visit Victor. He's still determined to win her love. Maggie is puzzled. Nicole says Victor is no longer in his right mind, and is grieving for Isabella. Nicole leaves and runs into Sydney who's with Kinsey at the park. Nicole is moved at seeing her former "daughter." Later, Nicole realizes she's never been able to forget Sydney or stop loving her. 

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