Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/26/2010

Victor tries to woo Maggie at the mausoleum. In the coffin, Vivian rails, vowing that once Maggie finds out that Victor kept her locked up, she'll turn her back on him. Maggie stresses her concern that Victor was just involved with Vivian and now he wants to move on so quickly. Victor says that's true, but his marriage to Vivian was a sham. He only married her because he had to. Later, Brady interrupts and Maggie makes a quick exit. Brady can see his grandfather is infatuated with Maggie. Victor admits it's true. Brady receives news about Arianna and goes. Victor continues to taunt Vivian. Vivian fantasizes about Maggie finding out the truth and becomes determined to make that fantasy a reality. 

Kate and Stefano are discussing Arianna when Chad shows up. He stopped by to thank Mrs. DiMera for sticking her neck out for him for a job. Stefano mentions how impressed he is with Chad, how he reminds him of EJ. Later, Kate feels guilty and sad for Chad so she sends him his birth certificate anonymously.

Will tries to find Arianna's camera, but has no luck. At the same time, Ben has told Rafe Arianna's time is near. EJ backs off, and Rafe goes to his sister, not wanting to say good-bye. He has a moment with her where he apologizes and she squeezes his hand. Rafe calls Gabi and Father Matt, who performs the last rites. Will is supportive of Gabi until she realizes he's the cause of her sister running out into the street. 

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