Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/01/2010

Vivian has a nightmare that Kate is sending her sarcophagus to a crematorium. Meanwhile, Victor and Kate discuss Vivian's entombment. Kate warns that if Philip and Melanie move back to the mansion they could discover Vivian as easily as Kate did. Victor decides to come up with an excuse to keep them from moving in. 

Hope stuffs her concern about April's death with a visit from Maggie. Later, Hope goes through some files in the prison infirmary and discovers something that worries her. 

Carly pulls back from telling Bo about Chloe's one night stand, and the paternity test. She later meets with Chloe and says she's keeping the secret to keep Chloe, Daniel and Melanie intact. However, Carly remains secretly troubled that she has to keep the secret from Bo.

Caroline admits to Kayla that she switched the paternity results, having overheard Stephanie with Ian. She knew Stephanie was concerned she'd lose Nathan to Melanie if the truth came out that Philip was the father. Kayla is stunned, disbelieving, until Caroline admits she did it in large part out of anger for Victor, regretting having told Bo he was Victor's biological son. She asks Kayla to keep the secret. Tormented, Kayla takes off and runs into Bo, who seeing her upset, asks what's wrong.

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