Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/02/2010

EJ breaks into Rafe's loft, looking for proof of who shot him. He's almost caught by Sami entering with Sydney, but manages to hide. When Sami goes to the other room, EJ contemplates taking Sydney. However, before he can make up his mind, Sydney calls out to EJ which Sami hears, and forces EJ back into hiding. Sami doesn't notice EJ and leaves with Sydney for the park. EJ fails in his search to find proof. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to bribe Kinsey into letting her see Sydney again. Sami overhears and snaps. She starts to call for a restraining order against Nicole. As women argue, Sydney begins to cry and they both go to her. Sami keeps Nicole from Sydney and leaves. Nicole remains more determined than ever to keep Sydney in her life some way. Later, Sami returns home and is haunted by her conscience in the form of Arianna, reminding Sami that her taped confession is still out there...

Kayla decides Bo has to know that their mom switched the results on Chloe's paternity test. Carly shows up and they all go inside the pub. Kayla prepares to explain the truth but they're interrupted by Stephanie and Nathan, who announce their engagement. Bo gets a call from the prison - Hope needs to see him. Kayla asks Nathan and Carly for a moment with Caroline and Stephanie. Kayla decides she must tell Stephanie that the test results were switched after all and Caroline was the one who did it.

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