William Shatner on Turning 80, 'Major Tom,' and Fighting Lee Majors on '$#*! My Dad Says'

On the surface, William Shatner seems like he'd be one of those "age is just a number" guys, but ask him what his thoughts are on turning 80, which he'll do in March, and his response is surprising: "I'm appalled."

He goes on to talk about winning a saddle and a belt buckle in some recent horse competitions in the discipline of reining, and the Emmy and Golden Globe winner doesn't mince words about the significance of those awards. "I'm competing against 18-year-olds who were born on a horse. Those are two of the most incredible accomplishments of my life, at my age. I got off three hours of riding hard on Saturday and feel limber on Monday and Tuesday. I can't believe this number (80) is coming up."

Shatner has more energy than people less than half his age, and that energy comes through on the screen in his role as cranky Ed Goodson on the CBS sitcom '$#*! My Dad Says.' Tonight at 8:30PM ET, Ed fights for the attention of his neighbor and new love interest, Rosemary (Jean Smart). Who is he fighting? None other than Lee Majors, the 'Six Million Dollar Man' himself, playing an obnoxious millionaire who paid to import a panda from China to San Diego.



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Feb 4, 2011 8:24PM EST

80 where have i been???

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