'Community' - 'Advanced Dungeons & Dragons': The last dragon?

When "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" aired, I suggested that, if time and expense were no issue, the show should produce an alternate live-action version in which we see the Polar Express trip as the other characters experienced it in the study room. "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" was essentially the idea: the study group again going on a journey of the imagination, but this time presented as they're really seeing it. It was the flip side of the Christmas episode in another way, too: where Christmas was big on heart and fairly light on laughs, "Dungeons & Dragons" was one of the season's funniest episodes, but one where the emotional stuff was a bit iffier. 

Let's get that out of the way first, because on the whole I loved this one. I really enjoyed the idea of Jeff being the one to lead the charge for the study group doing this good deed - even if he was doing it more out of guilt than altruism - because it was so unusual for the character and because his central role on the show meant there was more tension than usual when Pierce showed up to ruin things. (Ordinarily, the group is just struggling to keep Jeff interested in these sorts of things, so he couldn't play this kind of semi-heroic role.) Read More...



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