'Parks and Recreation' is neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob


In addition to being very funny, "Parks and Recreation" also gets quite a few details right about the way local government works in a small(ish) city. Those details might be exaggerated -- as they were in this week's "Time Capsule" episode -- but there's a lot of truth behind them.If you've ever seen a city council or county board meeting get hijacked by a handful of citizens with axes to grind, you know that the argument over whether "Twilight" deserves to be in a Pawnee time capsule isn't that far from reality. We'll grant you that most of those arguments are not about best-selling YA fiction, but the show got the tenor of the I'm right-you're wrong argument about whether "Twilight" was too Christian or not Christian enough, and whether pet ashes and paintings belonged in time capsule 4 or time capsule 9, just about exactly right.The show also got a lot of things about...



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