'Fringe's' Joshua Jackson: Peter is 'being a man' about the Olivia fall-out


Does Hallmark make a "sorry I fell in love with your sort-of-evil alternate universe doppelganger while you went through hell" card? We know a guy who could really use one of those.Only on "Fringe" would a character find himself in such a predicament. When Zap2it recently got the chance to catch up with series star Joshua Jackson (possibly our favorite human on the planet) at a Warner Bros. promo shoot in L.A., we discussed Peter's very complicated love life with Olivia (Anna Torv) and her alternate-universe self. Though she goes by many names - Fauxlivia and Alt-livia among them - we'll refer to her for the purposes of this article as Bolivia.In last week's episode, Peter activated the device, which gave him some very machine-like qualities -- but he remains mired in the very human, very emotional fall-out of his relationship with Bolivia and the implications of Olivia's return.Of course, the first question we have...



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