GREY’S ANATOMY “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go) Review

GREY’S ANATOMY "Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)" Season 7 Episode 13 – This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy dealt with the preservation of life both at the beginning and at the end. As Callie, Mark and Arizona deal with Callie’s irrational fear that she is losing the baby (with the introduction of the new OB/GYN), Derek and Karev begin the Alzheimer’s trials to see if they can stop the aging process. It was quite the contrast to see three people celebrating new life while watching two spouses deal with the possibility that their spouses, although still alive, will be dead to them, so to speak.

I am with Karev. How emotionally draining would it be to work on a clinical for two years with so many people and so many desperate spouses, half of which only get placebos? I do not think the placebo effect works so well on this type of patient. Although I was expecting the second patient’s directive to be a placebo, it was still so sad when I read it. Karev is also right about Meredith. It does take a special person to deal with patients in the clinical, although I do not necessarily agree about the twisted part. Read More...


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