OUTSOURCED “Training Day” Review

OUTSOUCRED "Training Day" Season 1 Episode 13 - This week on OUTSOURCED, Todd decides to take the team on a retreat to work on morale and to have everyone work as a team. His intentions are good, but the gang doesn’t end up getting to the retreat thanks to a broken down train. Not that that stops Todd; he decides to have everyone work on their exercises anyway… but instead of boosting morale, it turns into a venting fest where everyone unleashes all of their problems about their co-workers.

Meanwhile, back in town, Tonya decides to take it upon herself to help Charlie find a date. She starts by trying to explain to Charlie that women need a little finesse, and that Charlie is just a little too… straight forward.

He agrees, and once Tonya equates dating to hunting, Charlie is home free. Read More...



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