Archer Review: "A Going Concern"

Wow.  Now that should have been the Archer season two premiere.  Picking up right after Archer discovered the chip in his brain and Pam returned from vacation, it fit much better with the timeline.  Not to mention the episode was just better than last week's "Swiss Miss."

This week we were treated to some of my favorite Archer moments: just hanging out at the ISIS office.  Without even a mission during "A Going Concern," this spy comedy was more akin to an even more dysfunctional version of The Office.  You know with less paper sales and more armed ODIN agents in slightly darker black turtlenecks.

But that's just fine, because hanging out in the office means more from the amazing supporting cast of goons of Pam, Cheryl, Cyril, Gillette, and the amazing Krieger.  Yeah, that's right, I'm finally on the Krieger bandwagon. Read More...


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