Nikita Review: "Coup de Grace"

Fight for what you want. – Nikita

All I can say is this: thank God Percy wasn’t the one debriefing Alex and reviewing the mission tapes.

On "Coup de Grace this week, we saw another couple reunited, thanks to Nikita and Alex. If anyone knows about not giving up on someone you love, it’s Nikita. I wasn’t sure if she was right about letting Prince Eric talk to Lila, but since he said he trusted her with his life, Nikita allowed it. How big of a bitch was that wife? I’m glad Alex got a good punch in.

Unfortunately, every time Nikita reunites a couple, she looks like she’s been stabbed in the heart. Due to the death of Daniel, you can see she has an exceptional soft spot for people doing everything they can to protect their loved ones. I can imagine how much it hurt her to find out that man’s wife was having him killed just for money and status? Read More...


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