Royal Pains Review: "A History of Violins"

On tonight's episode, "A History of Violins", we get back a crew of former characters that I've been missing!

The first scene of the night brought in huge laughs with the General getting serenaded by Evan.

I knew Evan would come back from last week's fight with some kind of grand gesture to apologize to Paige, but I wasn't expecting him to epically fail it! I'd definitely go with the flower shop and use small letters there next time, Evan.

The General is probably one of my favorite reoccurring characters because he really intimidates Evan. Towards the end of the episode though, you could see these two starting to bond. Could this mean that the General now approves of Evan?

I really do hope this means that Evan and Paige's relationship goes to the next level! I always wanted something to start between Evan and Divya, but that ship has sailed. I am fully on board Team Pavan!

Eddie R may have been absent last week, but this week he makes headway by playing a small role in breaking up Hank and Emily. I know I am not the only one happy to see this relationship meet its doom. Read More...


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