American Idol Episode Recap: Los Angeles Auditions

Well, the other shoe finally dropped. After a season that, so far, has mostly favored  the good auditions, Thursday's episode focused almost exclusively on the bad. Steven Tyler attributed the change to the city of Los Angeles, which he deduced is full of delusional people. Things got so bad that even J. Lo discovered her potty mouth. So, who was the worst of the worst? Let's find out.Victoria Garrett, "Now Behold the Lamb"The title of this Kirk Franklin religious tune perhaps should have been a warning. Victoria, who promised to knock the judges socks off, sang like a sheep being strangled. Steven, trying to be nice, said it was "not baaad."  (Geddit?) He even went on to say she was sweet and angelic, which first drew laughs and then frustration from J. Lo and Randy.  Victoria chalked her failure up to nerves and said not everybody can sing like J. Lo. In Victoria's case, that is most certainly true.Tim Halperin, "She Will Be Loved"One of the night's few golden ticket recipients, Tim confessed to having a major crush on J. Lo. In fact, he never took his eyes of Jennifer during his rendition of the Maroon 5 song. Randy noted that it felt like he and Steven weren't even there, and although Tim had a decent voice, Randy decided that he wasn't quite ready. Steven, however, thought there was enough talent to work with and said yes. J. Lo agreed that his voice would need to be stronger, but that he has a nice tone, which is most important for recording artists. We'll see if he improves in Hollywood.Justin CarterHe had barely any screen time, and although his voice had the possibility of being decent, it lacked any real depth. Or as J. Lo said, it didn't have any "balls underneath it." Then the judges said  balls again and again as Idolcensored them. Fun. Read More...


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