'Parks and Recreation' Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

When you bring in Will Forte as a guest star on your sitcom, you can almost bet the house that the character he's playing is going to be weird in some way. If not out-and-out weird, there's always a back current of creepiness in whatever role he plays.

Tonight was no different, with Forte playing a thirtysomething man named Kelly who's so into 'Twilight' that he wants to include it in the Pawnee time capsule Leslie is putting together. But where the writers of 'Parks and Rec' deserve some kudos is that they took what could have been a one-note character on just about any other show and made him human, and gave him a believable justification for his odd behavior.

It was the most interesting part of an episode that was pretty funny throughout, though the slow-moving second half dragged down the hilarious first half. Read More...



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